Wednesday, September 30, 2009

San Vicente Cemetery

San Vicente Cemetery
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A cross on a grave at the San Vicente Cemetery in Kyle.

Monday, September 28, 2009

This is a shot I took a few weeks ago while driving around Kyle. It's the North Hays Optimist Sportsplex (known as the SWAMP).

I had two napping children in the car so I couldn't get out, but this looks to be pee-wee football.. or more appropriately "Pop Warner." We take our football seriously around here folks.

Anyhow.. I found a Website for the Sportsplex... and saw they offer all sorts of sports for kiddos... baseball, softball, tackle football, flag football, and cheerleading.

Check them out (and read the story about how the field came to be) at

Saturday, September 26, 2009

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Today from 11 - 2p you can come out to the Claiborne Kyle Log House for their annual Chicken Dinner. It's a pretty cool place. We've gone the last few years.

What: Fried Chicken Dinner
11:00AM - 2:00PM
Where: Claiborne Kyle Log House

Come enjoy great food, good music and fun with friends. Saturday, September 26th. Fried chicken and good food served from 11:00AM to 2:00PM. We look forward to seeing you there.

The Claiborne Kyle Log House is located at 2400 S. Old Stagecoach Road, County Rd. 136, South of Kyle.

Admission is $7.00 for adults and $4.00 for children under 12.
(Info from

Friday, September 25, 2009

Cora Jackman Donalson House

A 2009 addition to the Historic Markers in Kyle.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Dove of Peace

San Vicente Cemetery
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This dove wind chime seemed just so fitting hanging over a grave at the San Vicente Cemetery in Kyle.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

I love the beautiful moments in Kyle when you realize how long this town has been here. The history is quiet, though. It sneaks up on you, and you find yourself suddenly in a secret garden that seems to be growing right out of some long-ago building. This one is adjacent to the new Lucky Cup, featured in Sean's daily photo yesterday. If I hadn't had my tiny niece with me, I would have had to go exploring, because I long to know what remnants of humanity linger here. It is apparently abandoned. I wish it could be mine. I hope someone out there loves it as much as I do.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Lucky Cup Coffee House

Lucky Cup Coffee House
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The Lucky Cup is now open again.
It has moved to a block south of the New City Hall...

Stop in and say hello to them,
108 Front St.
Kyle, TX 78640

Monday, September 21, 2009

Kyle Hanging Tree
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The "Kyle Hanging Tree" has an interesting story. Apparently an unnamed man was found hung to death at this tree, which was located on Colonel Claiborne Kyle's property around 1840-1850. I'm assuming that because of this and a death in his own family, he gifted about 15 acres of land around the tree to form a community cemetery. To this day, this tree is located at the Kyle Cemetery on Country Road 136 (aka Old Stagecoach Road).

A little history lesson for a Monday.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

This building is on campus at Kyle Elementary.

I didn't realize it was a historic building until last week... It's the first building in Kyle that was constructed using grant money from the Works Progress Administration (WPA).

I've been working a few freelance jobs since I was downsized from my full-time position. One of them was a historic tour of Kyle, Texas. It came out really interesting. After taking photos of Kyle for over 3 years on this blog, it was really neat to find out new things about the oldest parts of Kyle. This was one I knew nothing at all about... Here's a shot of the historical marker itself. You can read about it for yourself.

Historical Marker - Ernest Kimbro Multipurpose Building

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Downtown Kyle

Downtown Kyle
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I was stuck at a train yesterday.. so I took this shot.
It's the City Hall with the tower in the background.

If you ask anyone who's driven through Kyle what the first landmark they can think of when they think of Kyle.. chances are it's the Kyle Water Tower..

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

JoAnna's Kiln
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JoAnna Ordóñez is the owner of Vidriosa Glassworks in Kyle, Texas.

This photo is of her kiln. It's about 1,200 degrees in there... You can see the pieces glowing.

As of last week, JoAnna has opened a storefront in Kyle. I went by to take a look and its going to be a really cool place for kids and adults in the Kyle area to attend art workshops or host a cool art-themed kids party. Good luck JoAnna!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Kyle Cemetery

Kyle Cemetery
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I took some photos at the three main cemeteries in Kyle last week before the rain came... so I'll share a few of the shots I got this week.

This is in the "Kyle Family Pioneer Cemetery" section of the Kyle City Cemetery. It's an old broken headstone.

I can't make out the name on the stone since it's so broken but I think the date on it is:
"Died Oct. 20, 1879"

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Window in Kyle

Window in Kyle
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When I saw this ivy growing up this old window, I knew I had a good Kyle Daily Photo.

This particular window is located on Center Street... it's the "alley-side" of the Hays Free Press building.

Hays Free Press
109 Center St.
Kyle, TX 78640

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Guitar Hero? Church?

Guitar Hero? Church?
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According to the sign, there's going to be a Guitar Hero Tournament at the Primera Iglesia Bautista in Kyle on Setember 26, 2009. Sounds like fun.

Primera Iglesia Bautista
301 Main Street
Kyle, TX 78640

Friday, September 11, 2009

Waterfall at Capstone Dental

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I went to the dentist yesterday for the first time in a few years. I know, I'm not the best example when it comes to dental health (kids.. make sure to see a dentist every 6 months, and brush and floss daily).

My Doctor's name was Dr. Walker. I had to force my self to not call him "Dr. Walker Texas Dentist."

Anyhow, outside the dentists office (at 809 West Center - which is at the corner of Rebel Road and Center Street) was this fantastic waterfall. So.. I thought it'd make a nice daily photo.


Need a dentist?

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Rainbow 09/09/09 - Kyle, TX

I walked out the back door of my house this morning and saw a beautiful double rainbow. It really is an amazing symbol of God's presence in the world. It also means... IT RAINED! Hooray for rain. It's been a while.

Hope you're having a wonderful Wednesday everyone.

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Firefighters are so neat. I have a few friends who do it in Austin and San Antonio and there is just no doubt that they are the most super-bad-A folk I have ever met. There's something really noble (as if I need to say it) about someone whose very profession is to rush in, risking their own lives, to save someone in danger. I know that's not the only task they perform, but it's the very definition of the job.

In a more microscopic view, I'm just fully impressed with Kyle firefighters. I've actually dealt with them a lot, from the time right after we moved here that I heaped a pile of rags covered in linseed oil onto my counter and they spontaneously combusted (that's right, folks... it could happen to YOU) to the nearby wildfire that I happened to be the first person in my neighborhood to detect (by smell). And that doesn't even include all the great educational events they attend: the library, the Eater Eggs-strvaganza, etc.

And with the scope narrowing yet further... that building they use now, as tiny and probably inadequate as it is, is SO beautiful. I tried to find some history on it, but could only find info about the new, presumably more adequate, firehouse being built to serve our burgeoning population. But the little yellow brick building has got to be one of the oldest here in town, and I hope it can be reconstituted into something equally wonderful like a museum or a bookstore. We could definitely use a bookstore.

But we NEED our firefighters. THANK YOU!!!

Monday, September 07, 2009

I have taken photos around Kyle for the last 3 years and realized I've never taken a picture of the interior of the Texas Pie Company.

I ran the exterior shot back in August 2006, but never anything on the inside.

So, I'm going to fix that.

This is Spencer Thomas. When he's not fronting an awesome blues/rock band he's one of the owners of the Texas Pie Company. If you're looking for a pie that's better than your mom makes (don't tell mom) check this place out. Dutch Apple, Cherry, Fudge Pecan, Blueberry, Buttermilk Chess, Coconut Macaroon, Coconut Cream... if you've got a pie want.. drive down Center Street in Kyle and look for the HUGE slice of cherry pie. You'll thank me later.

They sell the 10" pies for between $12-$14, but if you're not wanting an entire big pie,they've also got mini-pies for like $3-$4. They've also got other dessert items like macaroons, cupcakes, brownies, and lemon bars.

If you're in Kyle for lunch, stop in and get yourself a sandwich, as Texas Pie Company is also a sandwich shop.

Oh... they also cater. They make full-pan casseroles and pot pies that are pretty darn good. That's a big thing for me to say. I hate casseroles.

Do you get the idea... I really like this place.

Texas Pie Company
202 W. Center, Kyle, Texas 78640

By the way, try their Peanut Butter Pie. It's the most amazine pie I've had in a long time. Totally my favorite pie of all time.

Friday, September 04, 2009

Hitters Bar & Grill is the newest addition to the businesses on Center Street in Kyle. I was able to sample a bunch of thier food the other day at a Chamber of Commerce Ambassador's B.A.S.H. They've got some good stuff like burgers and stuffed jalapeños, but I must say, the FRIED PICKLES are awesome.

On August 12 I took a photo of the business.. before I knew what it was. ( It's now open...

Oh.. and the only thing I should say about this photo is.. it would have been more authentic "Texas" if the cans were Lone Star or Shiner.

Thursday, September 03, 2009

Park Place Foods
2101 Bebee Rd
Kyle, TX 78640

The kiddos were taking a nap in the car last Saturday so I decided to take a little drive so they could sleep (those with kids know how great this "sleep cruising" is. I ended up in deep East Kyle. When the kids woke up, I stopped in to a convenience store called Park Place Foods.

What a hidden little gem in Kyle. It's a full convenience store with a bunch of stuff you'd not expect to see in your "normal" store. They've got some of the harder to find Mexican candies, fishing supplies, and a section where they sell some sweet looking hats.

There's even a Mexican Restaurant inside (Taqueria Huentitan). I've not eaten there, but I talked to a few people who have and I'll be sure to try it out soon.

Here's a photo of some "paletas" with a bonus of my 5 year old's hand reaching in to grab one.

Park Place Foods
2101 Bebee Rd
Kyle, TX 78640

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

MMMMMM Hatch Chile time!

Illustrious Kyle resident Dawn Sanchez preps chiles for her famous pork green chile Sunday evening. I could have eaten that stuff for a week straight. Unfortunately, three families made quick work of it alongside some green chile corn bread, arroz con pollo, spicy fire-roasted salsa, and a rather large pitcher of white sangria. YUM! If there's one thing Central Texans know how to do well, it's eat!

Hatch chiles are unique. Their burn is a bit prickly, slow and luxurious, but not too intense. They have a delicious fresh flavor when roasted, are virtually not spicy at all when de-seeded and de-ribbed, but the heat is just about right to impress but not thrill a pro while still letting the chile-eating novice off the fire-tongue hook.

What an evening! Tons of food, an overcrowded dinner table, a north wind, and just about non-stop laughter.


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