Saturday, July 31, 2010

Claiborne Kyle Log House
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This month's "All About Hays," the monthly magazine insert in the Hays Free Press they go through the story of the Claiborne Log House. There's an open house the first Sunday of each month.. meaning tomorrow it's open to the public. Thanks for reminding me about this little Kyle gem.

For info and directions -

Claiborne Kyle Log House
2400 S. Old Stagecoach Rd., County Road 136
San Marcos, TX 78666  

OK.. I think it's technically not "in" Kyle... but it's close enough for me.. and it's where the family that the city's name came from so I'm allowing it.

Friday, July 30, 2010

Been spending time painting and redecorating my living room. Whattaya think? The funny thing is.. we owned all of this stuff already... just never properly displayed it.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Mr. Vampire, Ms. Mummy
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Have Great Photos
of Plum Creek 
in Kyle? 
GO20tx wants them.

Here's a press release I received about a photo contest. If you've ever taken photos (or are looking to take photos) in the Plum Creek neighborhood of Kyle, Texas, this contest is for you. 

What is GO20TX? It's a blog positioning Plum Creek as the center of Central Texas (OK let's not get geographically correct or anything) and promoting the awesome things that are about 20 miles from our neighborhood's front door. Here's the link to the blog -

This shot... for instance couldn't be in the contest because they're asking for "summer" shots.
I'm going to dig through my stuff and see if anything jumps out at me... would love to see what you've got.

So... now you know. And here's the photo contest info.

*Press Release*

Get out and explore life all around Plum Creek and when you do, be sure to take some pics! Go20 is hosting a photo contest for best summer picture. YOU enter, YOU decide!

ENTER: Submit your favorite summer photo to - large files or small ones – it doesn’t matter, we know how to format these things. Just submit one, ok? That’s the whole idea of having a favorite, right?

DEADLINE: August 6th at 5pm  - Just before we start planning for back to school…sigh.
VOTE: We’ll post all of the photos submitted to this page and kick off a 1 week voting period. Tell your friends to VOTE for you!

WINNER GETS: First and foremost: Bragging Rights!!! Also, TrustTexas Bank, located right in Plum Creek, has donated some fun summer prizes.

THE FINE PRINT: No fair submitting photos that aren’t rightfully yours. Also, once you submit, the photos become the property of Plum Creek and Go20. This means that we can use the photos on the site, in print, etc. for free and you’re ok with it.  We promise not to sell them or your information to anyone. No worries.

A now, a word about our sponsor: TrustTexas Bank, founded in Cuero, Texas in 1921, has opened its doors in Plum Creek.  Their mission statement, “relationships built on trust and service across generations” goes to show that local, friendly service is still available and closer than you might think.  TrustTexas Bank offers several free services including Online Banking, Mobile Banking, E-Statements, and Phone Bank Services. TrustTexas Bank also offers commercial products designed to fit business needs.

patricia buchholtz
partner/marketing strategist

Monday, July 26, 2010

Zebra Striped trim..neat
My wife pointed this one out to me. This is a home in the downtown area of Kyle... between the access road and the highway. The coolest thing about this neatly painted home is the "zebra stripes" painted around the windows.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Happy Birthday Kyle, Texas

On this day in 1880, the town of Kyle was established when David E. Moore and Fergus Kyle (for whom the town was named) deeded 200 acres for a townsite to the International-Great Northern Railroad. Kyle is on Interstate Highway 35 eight miles north of San Marcos and twenty miles south of Austin in northeastern Hays County. The new town drew residents and businesses from Mountain City, three miles west, and Blanco, four miles west. Tom Martin operated the first business in Kyle. The community's population exceeded 500 by 1882 but later declined. Kyle was incorporated in 1928 as a general-law city with a mayor and five council members. In 1937 Mary Kyle Hartson, a seventy-two-year-old great-grandmother and the daughter of Fergus Kyle, was elected mayor by a write-in vote; her victory attracted national attention, including a feature story in Life magazine which proclaimed her the only woman mayor in Texas. In the early 1940s Kyle was noted as the only Texas town with an all-woman government. In the year 2000 Kyle contained some 200 businesses and 5,314 inhabitants. (from:

So.. Kyle, Texas... you've been flocked for your birthday.

Friday, July 23, 2010

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"Chinchillas are crepuscular rodents, slightly larger and more robust than ground squirrels, and are native to the Andes mountains in South America." (Wikipedia said that).

While at an awesome 1st Birthday party at the Community Center of the Plum Creek neighborhood in Kyle I was able to hold this little chinchilla. These guys are really REALLY soft.

The animal belongs to Chelsea Phillips who owns a traveling petting zoo called Tiny Tails To You. She's based out of Austin.. and was the most impressive (quality and caring) small scale petting zoo I've seen.

Oh.. and photo credit goes to my 6 year old Marlee.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

New store in Kyle

New store in Kyle
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Haven't been in there yet... but will soon. This is the former Lucky Cup Coffee House just off Main Street.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

It was an incredibly hot day today in Kyle.. but at about 6:00p the sky got cloudy and the rain started pouring down in buckets... by about 7:30 it was pretty much all passed.. but what was left behind was this beautiful double-rainbow. Hope You enjoy the photo as much as I did live.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Fake Longhorn... in Kyle
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This is one of my favorite odd things that Kyle features. There's a field full of aluminum longhorns in the field next to the Hyundai dealership in town.

After doing a little digging I found out the cattle belong to Shahab Salhoun, owner of Hyundai Auto Mall (A 2006 blog by Jane Greig told me).

According to the blog above, people are more than welcome to come in and take photos with the longhorns. Do I see a family photo op? I think I do.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Water tower in Kyle

Water tower in Kyle
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Another water tower in Kyle. This one is on the southeast side. Funny story time.. I was at a stop sign trying to shoot under a powerline and over a house (you see the roof) to get this shot and there was a city worker doing some maintenance just below where I was shooting. He sure stared at me hard... probably thought I was taking his picture. I was going to pull up and explain but traffic picked up and I took off back home instead.

If you see this.. sorry I spooked you.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

PAWS Shelter in Kyle
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We went to the PAWS Animal Shelter this past weekend to drop off some supplies (we dropped off blankets.. but it looked like the thing they needed most was laundry soap). This is one of the cute dogs that is up for adoption. I almost came home with him... but just got him on film instead.

In the Kyle area?
Looking for a pet?

PAWS is a no-kill shelter... FYI.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Lemonade stand in Kyle

Lemonade stand in Kyle
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These two young ladies were selling lemonade in the Spring Branch neighborhood of Kyle. When my wife and I started dating, we promised each other that we'd never pass a lemonade stand without at least buying a cup. Support young and local business... Have you had a cup of lemonade lately?

Friday, July 09, 2010

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Located Off I-35 N @ exit #210 (Yarrington Rd exit) Power Alley Sports is Kyle's indoor batting cages. It's got six areas for pitching or batting.

Hours of Operations
Monday 3pm - 9pm
Tuesday 3pm - 9pm
Wednesday 3pm - 9pm
Thursday 3pm - 9pm
Friday 3pm - 10pm (Hit Night 7-8:30pm)
Weekends: Lessons and cage rentals by appointment only.

The really cool thing is that, although it can be used for a batting cage only, or rented out for birthday parties (one section can open up for an AWESOME game of dodgeball) they've got a staff of professionals who can actually train folks at all levels of the sport. They actually have a few clients who train with them.

When it's too hot or rainy or if you just want an indoor (not air conditioned) place to practice, this is a pretty cool place.

Power Alley Sports
278 Edwards Dr. Kyle TX
(512) 268-4500

The folks were nice enough to let me wander around and take some photos, so I'll share a few more. y You can see all of my Power Alley Sports photos, visit my Flickr Page.

Thursday, July 08, 2010

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On Edwards Drive in Kyle (next to the Hyundai dealership) I came across a couple of goats munching. I thought I'd share... since I'm going to head to San Marcos tonight to see Terri Hendrix (Who has a goat as a logo to her Wilory Records...). She's playing for free... at the San Marcos Activity Center (they moved it inside because of rain) if you're in the area.. c'mon out.

Wednesday, July 07, 2010

The Hope & Love 4 Kids setup
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Hope & Love 4 Kids kicked off their 6th Annual School Supply Drive at the Whataburger in Kyle, Texas on July 2, 2010. The Kyle United Methodist Church had a fishing booth, Games 2 You supplied the video games, and there was fantastic face-painting and

even What-A-Guy and HEBuddy (HEB Mascot).

For more information on Hope & Love 4 Kids, visit

The Kyle United Methodist Church will be collecting school supplies (all supplies will go to HaysCISD students) until August 8, 2010. For a list of items being collected visit

Since I've been bad about posting photos lately... I'll share several shots from the launch.
The Hope & Love 4 Kids reps w/ Whataburger reps.

 Did you know Whataburger has a mascot? Meet "WhataGuy." Here's he's fishing the KUMC booth.

 HEBuddy was there too. He's the grocery bag mascot of H E B.

Miss Kyle Teen and Miss Kyle were also there signing autographs.

Even though it was a wet day, the Games2u van made it out and dozens of kids (and me) got to play some cool video games.

Sunday, July 04, 2010

July 4 2010 - Kyle Celebrates - Wood puzzles

The woodwork is from Gary and Ruth Moore of We Be Woodin' and they were out at the Market Days in Kyle yesterday.

If you can see it.. the eagle on the left spells... "eagle" and the one on the right spells USA. He's got a ton of animals and creatures that are made into puzzles spelling what they are. My daughter loved the dolphin.

Want one? I hope he'll be back at next Market Day (it's the first Saturday of August) or you can e-mail Gary at

Oh.. the background is what's going on tonight in Kyle... Be there...

Saturday, July 03, 2010

Dogs Days of Summer

Dogs in Plum Creek
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I love dogs... just don't like taking care of them 24/7.. so when a neighbor put this statue next to his mailbox I thought... yeah... perfect.

In the Plum Creek Neighborhood in Kyle, Texas.

Friday, July 02, 2010

Whataburger in Kyle
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(a gathering to kick off a school supply drive)

(or see the Website for donation spots)




Join us in kicking off the 6th Annual School Supply Drive at the Whataburger located at 5401 S FM 1626 in Kyle, TX.

All donations will benefit children in the Hays CISD area who are in need of supplies for the upcoming school year. 

If you are unable to attend or live out of town, visit our website to see how you can help!

Items being collected:
#2 pencils
1.5” binders
8oz. bottle of glue
colored pencils
composition notebooks
Crayola Markers (thick)
large pink erasers
pencil bag
pencil sharpener
plastic folders with brads
plastic supply box
pocket folders with brads
spiral notebook
water color set
wide-ruled notebook paper

Thursday, July 01, 2010

It's raining today so it may not be the best day for golfing.. but last Friday was a beautiful day for... well.. FORE!

Want to plan a tee time?

Plum Creek Golf Course
750 Kohlers Crossing
Kyle, TX 78640-6054
(512) 262-5555


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