Saturday, July 17, 2010

Fake Longhorn... in Kyle
Originally uploaded by seanclaes
This is one of my favorite odd things that Kyle features. There's a field full of aluminum longhorns in the field next to the Hyundai dealership in town.

After doing a little digging I found out the cattle belong to Shahab Salhoun, owner of Hyundai Auto Mall (A 2006 blog by Jane Greig told me).

According to the blog above, people are more than welcome to come in and take photos with the longhorns. Do I see a family photo op? I think I do.


Rambling Round said...

Sure looks real!

Trina Frohock said...

I need to get the boys out there again for pictures. We took some with those longhorns a few years ago (got approval by the folks there at Hyundai), but they've grown up so much since then. Thanks for the reminder, Sean!


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