Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Firefighters are so neat. I have a few friends who do it in Austin and San Antonio and there is just no doubt that they are the most super-bad-A folk I have ever met. There's something really noble (as if I need to say it) about someone whose very profession is to rush in, risking their own lives, to save someone in danger. I know that's not the only task they perform, but it's the very definition of the job.

In a more microscopic view, I'm just fully impressed with Kyle firefighters. I've actually dealt with them a lot, from the time right after we moved here that I heaped a pile of rags covered in linseed oil onto my counter and they spontaneously combusted (that's right, folks... it could happen to YOU) to the nearby wildfire that I happened to be the first person in my neighborhood to detect (by smell). And that doesn't even include all the great educational events they attend: the library, the Eater Eggs-strvaganza, etc.

And with the scope narrowing yet further... that building they use now, as tiny and probably inadequate as it is, is SO beautiful. I tried to find some history on it, but could only find info about the new, presumably more adequate, firehouse being built to serve our burgeoning population. But the little yellow brick building has got to be one of the oldest here in town, and I hope it can be reconstituted into something equally wonderful like a museum or a bookstore. We could definitely use a bookstore.

But we NEED our firefighters. THANK YOU!!!


SeanclaesDOTcom said...

I've actually been working on some historic write-ups lately and researched this building just last week. It's the Old D.A. Young Building. Here's a little write-up on it - http://www.hillcountryrambling.com/thing.php?ID=8046

hobbledog said...

Oh thanks! I noticed after I posted it that it was obscured by dumpster. Heh heh. Trying to wrangle young 'uns and take photos all at once.


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