Thursday, August 17, 2006

Texas Pie Company.

Mmmm Pie

This big slice of cherry pie was hoisted to the roof of the Texas Pie company last year. Thus, creating a great landmark to give folks directions by.... "Just after the slice of cherry pie, take a left onto Burleson Street."

One of the greatest things about living in Kyle, in my opinion, is having a pie company that makes my favorite treat, the Peanut Butter Pie. If you've never had one, you need to treat yourself.

Also, Texas Pie makes the best darned macaroons I've ever had (one of my dad's friends in Laredo, Texas - 215 miles south of Kyle - has me pick macaroons up for him when I head down there).

Oh, and just because you're in Saginaw Michigan doesn't mean you have to miss out...

They offer mail order on ALL Pies.

10 in Pies $23.95 + tax
3 inch Pies ( 4 to a box) $ 25.95 +tax
1 doz. Brownies $ 18.95 +tax
1 doz. Lemon Bars $ 18.95 +tax

Shipping is 1 day delivery. For orders e-mail: or call 1-512-268-5885. MC/Visa, Amercan Express, and Discover accepted.

Taste a little taste of Kyle where you are tomorrow... click on the photo to get to their Website.
Let them know Kyle Daily Photo sent ya... and say hello to Spencer.
(Maybe it'll be worth a free Peanut Butter Pie next time I wander in.)


Marie McC said...

I love this, too! Good exterior shot. Two mentions on Best of DP!

Suburban Don said...

Wow. How do you ship a pie ?

SeanclaesDOTcom said...

That sounds like a lead-in for a joke... but... I don't know. They are the experts.

All I know it they are really, really ridiculously good.

socalpreggie said...

Their Pecan Pie is soooo great!!!


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