Sunday, August 13, 2006

I work sound for God.

Since I mentioned getting dounuts for church in yesterday's photo...I thought I'd post a photo of my church. This was taken during the service this morning. I volunteer to "run sound" for the 11:00a.m. I was at the back of the church on the soundboard and not in the way as I took photos.

It was also my turn to bring the donuts today... so, of course it ment a trip to Hays City Donuts this morning.

You know, It's hard for me to write "donuts" when I prefer to write "doughnuts"...but it's Hays City I'm giving in. Anyone have any opinion on this?

Anyhow...on to the photo.


The Kyle United Methodist Church turned 100 in 1980.
From the Kyle United Methodist Church Website (Click the photo to go there)
Remembrances of Mrs. C.C. Young, born in 1876, moved to Kyle in 1880, and a member of the Kyle Church all her life.)

“The Kyle Church was organized in 1880 by Brother T.S. Garrett… The Baptists had a Seminary here consisting of four large rooms where all four churches held services at that time. They were the first group to build their own church… In two or three years the Methodists followed suit with a building program. A catalog was ordered from the Church Extension Service containing plans… [On September 6, 1886, a sum of $50 was paid for the purchase of two lots and the original church (current sanctuary) was built in 1887.] Sufficient money was obtained to build the outside of the Church, but there was not enough to finish the inside. Colonel Rogers of Austin gave money for the completion of the inside work, but it was not painted…


Happy Sunday. We're headed into San Marcos, Texas (about 5 miles south) to watch some live music tonight... so perhaps tomorrow's Kyle, Texas photo may come from San Marcos.. that allowed?.


Henry said...

The White Haven Pennsylvania United Methodist Church mens club meets the first tuesday of the month.The Crispy Cremes are fresher on that day.I like your church view.

txwylde said...

Woo hoo! I work sound for God too. :)


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