Saturday, August 12, 2006

Mmmmm Doughnuts.


Hays City Dounuts (106 North Burleson Street) is close the the main square in town. I first discovered them when I was going to be late for work one day last year, so I decided to be the guy who brought breakfast instead of the guy who came in 10 minutes late.If you've never tried this... try it.. it works. You can only do it once in a while it seems planned.

Anyhow...It was a week or so after they had opened. I went into the shop and didn't have any actual cash on me. They we're set up at the time to take credit cards (they do now) and the lady at the counter let me skate with an "IOU" for the dozen donuts. That impressed me about as much as the donuts themselves.

The donuts at Hays City are not cakey, not greasy, just the right amount of fluffiness to the mix. They are sweet without being too sugary and they have the regular assortment of sprinkles, nuts, and fillings you'd come to expect from a donut shop. For those who love donuts but don't want to seem like you're eating a whole one, they sell donut holes for 99¢ a dozen.

The star of the Hays City Donuts are actually the kolaches though. The little rolls filled with sausage, cheese, and/or bacon are just great.

I make it a point to stop off there when I can. About a month ago I signed up to bring donuts to church (we take turns so nobody is out a bunch of money.) and I decided to forgo the Krispy Creme that was usually there (they sell Krispy Creme at gas stations in Kyle.. not the "light is on so the donuts are fresh" experience I associate with Krispy Creme) and head into Hays City Donuts for that weeks selection. I bought three dozen donuts and 3 dozen donut holes.

They went quickly. The church has been getting donuts from Hays City ever since.

Good stuff.


dutchie said...

Good story, great post!

Anne said...

Wow sounds like you really enjoy their donuts! Would love to taste them too =)

txwylde said...

If you have a chance to try their new restaurant "Chinese Cuisine" DONT it is the worst Chinese food I have ever had in my life. The Chinese restaurant is owned by the same Asian family that runs the Doughnut shop.

Courtney said...

This was totally helpful! I'm bringing my student kolaches and breakfast tacos (they are taking an early morning final, and i know how hard that can be), so I wanted to bring them a little something. Thanks so much! I'm sold!


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