Tuesday, August 15, 2006

A little snapshot into my yard for today... hope you don't mind. I didn't actually go anywhere today, I was on deadline.


I'm a gnome collector. One of the coolest gifts my wife and I got at our batchelor/batchelorette party almost 5 years ago was a garden gnome that we registered for... Friends come to your party. REAL friends buy you gnomes. Sadly, that gnome broke. It's still one of the 4 gnomes "hiding" in my flowerbeds...but it's kind of buried in the flowers so you can't see there's no legs.

Well.. this particular gnome is also in my front yard. One of my best friends gave it to me for Christmas a few years ago. I can't figure out if he is planting the other ggnome or pulling him out of the ground. It's a funny one nonetheless.... The name brand of this guy is "Lawn Loonatix." We also have a "mooning gnome" that I have fun pointing at neighbors houses...

If you click on the photo it goes to an e-bay page where, for the next 14 hours, you can bid to get one for yourself... or just google "Lawn Loonatix" and I'll bet you can come up with somthing.


Suburban Don said...

Cool. My wife and I are finally getting our garden(s) together. I could use some of these.

Gerald England said...

Just saw some gnomes yesterday on Saarbruken DP

They've got a lovely selection of gnomes for sale in Cheshire


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