Tuesday, August 22, 2006

First Day of School.


Yesterday was the first day of school in Kyle, Texas so I thought I'd take a photo of the stars of the day - the school buses. THink about it, bus drivers make sure your kids get from point a to point b safely and usually get no glory for it. Well.. this guy appreciates school bus drivers... you guys rock.

Also...I think it's somewhat funny that the first line on the Hays CISD Website (click the photo to go there) is "The first day of school for students in Hays CISD is Monday, August 21 and the first holiday for students and staff is Labor Day, September 4."

Ready for a holiday already?

Welcome back to school everyone.


Annie said...

Hi and thanks for visiting my site. I like your school buses.

And yes, I'm already for a vacation.

John said...

Aaaah "The magic school Bus!"

Marie McC said...

Glad that part of my life is over!

Reading John's comment, now I have that song "Magic Bus" by The Who in my head!

Sally said...

I always thought schools in the US went back after Labor Day. Another assumption shattered!


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