Saturday, July 25, 2009

Fox's Pizza Den
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I've got a little story to tell about Fox's Pizza.
They've been open for over a year now (I shot their sign in May 08) and my family prefers it to any of the others in town. But that's not the story... here's the story.

So... Wednesday night, my 5 year old daughter has the flu... my wife is staying home with her. I picked up my 2 year old from daycare and called home asking if I could pick anything up for dinner. She decided she'd call Fox's Pizza and I could drive straight there to pick it up.

I arrive at Fox's. Pick up the pizza... and other things.. They dropped it into a bag for me... gave my daughter a free kids cup (they rock that way), and I paid them and headed home. So... normal story so far.. right?

OK.. I got home. and set the pizza down.. made some kind of remark about the extra stuff my wife ordered... she asked "what other stuff" and I showed her the 6 garlic chicken wings and dozen mozzarella sticks. She said she didn't order them. I went to the pizza boxes and found a large cheese and medium meatball pizza. I realized... THIS ISN'T OUR ORDER.

I called to let them know, and they already knew. They had cancelled the credit card transaction and said they would send a driver out with our order. They said we could keep the order we brought home (ROCK ON). I decided to drive back and pick our pizza up. My daughter had her heart set on her bacon-topped pizza and breadsticks.

When I arrived, they handed me the correct order, along with the canceled credit card slip and told me that our order was free too. They apparently had two people named "Sean" that ordered for pick-up.

Just so I could pay for SOMETHING I got a slice of cheesecake.. a new menu item...

I hope the other "Sean" doesn't fault Fox's for the err... I sure don't.
They were already my family's favorite place in town for pizza, and now I like them even more now than I did before.

Oh.. and meatball pizza is GOOD. That other Sean has good taste in ordering. We ate on that order for 4 days. I just finished the last of the pizza for lunch today.

In Kyle?
Need Pizza?

Fox's Pizza Den
147 Elmhurst Dr
Kyle, TX 78640
(512) 268-3697

It's on Goforth road... on the East side of the highway.

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Spence Ohana said...

Okay you've convinced us to try it out. :)


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