Saturday, July 18, 2009

Things I love about Manna From Heaven...

-Picadillo tacos are ¡Holy Moly!

-Super fresh delicious healthy salad/soup/fruit bar.

-The waitress who has foster parented 8 kids.

-The loquat tree. Sean has a loquat he likes, too...

-The salsa is HOT!

-The whole staff has Sundays off. In other words, they are closed.

-Prayer request jar. Who don't?

-The pistol shaped grill. I don't care what you say- that thing is totally cool.

602 W Center St.

1 comment:

Hilda said...

I like that they're closed on Sundays. How nice of the owners!

Think maybe they'll let you take a picture of that pistol-shaped bar?


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