Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Cooking up Kyle Burger
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At the June Kyle Market Days I found The Texas Pie Company's mobile grilling unit out and cooking up some Kyle Burgers.

It's called a "Kyle Burger" because all of the ingredients from the meat to the toppings are locally grown.
You can read more about that in an April story of the Hays Free Press:

The next Kyle Market Days is this Saturday, July 4.
Who's playing?
9 a.m., Texas Blind Salamanders
noon, Pee Wee & The Way 'Tis

I always take the girls out there for a little fun, music, and business card collecting (my 5 year old collects business cards. Yes... I like that. Business cards are free...

Anyhow... I'm thinking I'm finally going to try one of these Kyle Burgers this week.

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hobbledog said...

Yayyyyy for local! This is why I love Kyle. The people here know what is WHAT!


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