Saturday, March 15, 2008

Kyle United Methodist Church's New Life Center - #12 in the series

It's been an interesting couple of months.... but it's really looking nice now (it always looked nice to me). Here's an update... I'll post 2 shots... so you can see the makings of the fence as well. Eventually there will be a playground between the fence and the building. It'll be really nice.

See Number 11 in the series here or by clicking on the photo.

kumcFront0308.jpgKyle United Methodist Church New Life Center

Here's the makings of the fence.... as of last Sunday.

If you're in Kyle, Texas and would like to worship here... visit the Kyle United Methodist Church Website - for times and directions.

1 comment:

Guntur Purwanto said...

Interesting, can't wait to see it's completed.


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