Monday, March 17, 2008


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How much is 15 gallons in your town?
I have to admit... this is a little low...I think I filled up at 3.06... and it's at 3.13 today.


darla said...

Hi... I check your blog often, I like to see the pictures. Gas in my area, south of you, was $3.09 last week, yesterday, it was $3.12 and cost me $45 to fill my car up! OUCH! I can think of a lot more fun ways to spend $45!

Ineke said...

Hi, don't come to europe!
we don't count in gallons (have no idea how much that is) but by liters. I have a volkswagen van and if i fill that up it's about 80 euro and with the current rate that would make 120 dollar !

Jana said...

Our gas is $3.57 for unleaded at the cheapest place in town. Its about a quarter more a gallon at the name brand gas stations.


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