Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Some Assemblly Required Part 5 - Behind Shot

I'd been following the construction of a home in the Plum Creek neighborhood... and the final posting I had was in January...You can see it here.. and track back and watch it disassemble.

Well... I wandered by the house the other day and saw something I hadn't seen before... a BIG three-car garage. Wow... I'm guessing one of those garages is for a boat.

I swear I'll take some good shots of the East Side of I-35 in Kyle soon... (I-35 kind of splits the city and I live on the West side so most of my travels have me on that side...so most of my photos are of that side.)

Thanks for reading!

p.s. I shared my reflection on 9/11 (a different perspective) on another blog - http://seanclaesdotcom.blogspot.com/ if you care to read.

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Lynette said...

My aunt's grandsons frame houses. If they had a computer, they'd like this series.


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