Monday, September 10, 2007

Please indulge me... as the photo you'll see is actually from San Marcos, Texas... not Kyle. But I wanted to share some great news... Everyone needs great news for a Monday, don't they?

For those who don't know... this "Daily Photo" thing was a new adventure for me. I've spent many years in the dark of clubs and venues shooting music (and still do, if you visit - What got me started shooting "landscape" or outdoor photography was the San Marcos Naturescapes Photography Contest and Exhibition. It was held for the first time three years ago. Like the Kyle Daily Photo (which I really enjoy doing) it was a way to force me to get out there and take photos.

So.. this year was the 3rd Annual San Marcos Naturescapes Photography Contest and Exhibition. And...for the third year in a row, I've entered. Every year, I've been excited to find that some of my photos were chosen to be displayed in the Exhibit.

The first year, I actually got 3rd place for a photo I took of some canoers (that my wife has hanging in her office now). Last year I had 3 shots in the show, but nothing placed.

This year's contest winners were announced on Friday September 7, 2007 with a reception at the San Marcos Recreation Center. I was very pleased to have two shots in the show. A photo of some tubers I took, and a photo of a flower I saw down by the river.

After they went through the "Honorable Mention, 2nd and 1st Place" of each catagory, I thought the night was over except for the Best of Show... so I thought "At least the fried mushrooms rocked and I enjoy seeing everyone's photos and chatting with folks" but then My name was called along with 3 others.

My River Flower won the "Award of Excellence" meaning it was the top rated photo in my category of "Wildlife and Plants." I'm amazed. I almost didn't enter the photo... but my wife pretty much begged me to. I should listen to her more often.

So here's the shot.

You can see it in person at the San Marcos Activity Center Walker's Gallery until October 26... for details, go to:

You can also see some of the winners from the last 2 years (including my Canoers shot.. and a root photo) on that site.

Oh.. my other shot in the show hanging right now - "Tubers Tubing":


Annie said...

Sean, that's beautiful. Is it an autumn clematis?

Congratulations. I really like the tubing photo very much as well, like the way you kept the feet as the focal point.

Rambling Round said...

Hey, congratulations! That is a great flower shot, so stunning against the black background. I like the tubers too.

TOG said...

Wow Ho Congratulations! The best part of the picture, was that you maximized the flower and the story was about a flower not a photographer.

Chandlermom said...

Congrats, it's a great shot!

Lynette said...

I'll echo everyone else--congratulations!

And then I'll tell you something I hope I'll be able to make clear. Being a 60-year-old Mississippian (originally), when I read the word tuber, I saw potatoes, as in root crops. So, when I scrolled down and saw the people in the inner tubes, I very nearly laughed out loud, at myself! Then to make sure that I was remembering correctly--old age and all that--I walked into my Mama's room (she's 81 but hardly old) and asked her, "If I said tubers to you, what would you see?" She replied, "You mean potatoes?" See what I mean? She had a good laugh at my expense when I explained what had happened. Hope you enjoy this anecdote Mama and I'll remember and retell.

Anonymous said...

Hi there,

Cool stuff you got. Nice take, how did you do that?
By the way, let me show you some of my works

Many thanks


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