Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Some Assemblly Required Part 4 - Assembled!

On November 24, 2006 I posted the third part of this study of a home being built... Follow this link for part III. Part two was posted on November 8, and part one was on October 8. You can link backwards if you'd like.

I may have another update.. but this may be it because after I shot this photo I saw people moving into the home. So no matter how much you like this home... it's sold. Sorry folks.

Of course if you like this home and are thinking about moving to Kyle, Texas let me know I can point you to a few of the homebuilders in this neighborhood (Plum Creek).

I hope you've enjoyed checking the process of this home being built as much as I have bringing it to you. Maybe I'll find something else being built to follow.... I know an HEB Plus is coming to town (HEB is a big chain grocery store that runs rampant in Texas and is headquartered just down the road in San Antonio, Texas).

Happy Wednesday.

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Dsole said...

That's so cool... A big house, and we have seen all the process... if I were the owner I would like to see those photos... Maybe it could be a gift to say hello to your new neigborhoods uh?
Greetings from madrid DP!


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