Saturday, January 27, 2007

Take A Seat

I decided I'd check out some of the new things that are being built in town and so I drove to the east side of the town. For those who don't know... Kyle, Texas is a city that is located between Austin and San Antonio and is kind of split in half by Interstate 35. The "west side" includes the city square and "old Kyle" the "east side" contains many subdivisions... and few businesses along the highway. Recently new developments like a Goodyear, Motif Furniture store.. and other things. I decided to check out that side (which is a bunch of "roads" that will eventually lead to stores once they are built) and I came across this photo. It made me laugh... a sofa in a field with the highway behind it.

I'm sure I could come up with a fantastic social commentary about this... something containing words like "pausing" and "highway of life" but lets face it.... someone dumped their couch... that's it.

So as you cruise down the highway of life.. make sure you take time to pause and look at what you have accomplished thus far.

OK.. so I came up with the social commentary anyways.

Happy Saturday. I'm going to a Neil Diamond Birthday Party tonight.. hooray me. MAYBE I'll share photos... perhaps not.


(See? When I don't post for a while you get posts like this...)


Gail's Man said...

Perhaps the council are going to introduce them, as they are more comfortable than wooden benches. A possible titel for the photo could be Sofa So Good!

Shorty said...

I love that photo. On the way to work from dropping off my nephew at school I noticed an armchair sitting in the middle of an empty lot next to a pile of dirt and I was wondering, why is that chair there. I'll have to snap a pic of it next time and post it.


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