Friday, January 26, 2007

My Fault this time
Allright.. I got really really super busy and forgot to post.
I had the photos ready... just forgot to upload them and post them.

What was I busy doing> Well... manicure and pedicure of course. It's hard to be a 2 3/4 year old in the world today.

I'm sorry I missed posting. it won't happen again (unless it does).
I know I am behind 3 photos.. but this one will have to do.
Happy Friday!


Mimmu said...

Hello from Finland!
I picked up your photo from DPblog because of baby!
My younger daughter is getting her first baby next summer and I am looking for smallest clothes of my other grandchildren for baby.
I think your first priority is now this "pedicure" for baby and mother too!
All the best for all of you!

Mimmu said...

I looked your blue house and it is like some my neighbour house here.
And I am not laughing at all, when roads are icy, we have also a plenty of accidents even our cars have during winters special studded tyres.
We have to be prepared for a coldness,
you got it as a abnormality.
My cousin`s daughter is working as a English teacher in Texas. Her father is American, I don`t remember a town :)

isabella said...

You are forgiven for missing the posts ;-)))

SeanclaesDOTcom said...

Hi Mimmu! Thanks for the post.
And Isabella.. I appreciate the forgiveness. I needed that...


Shorty said...

Pedi's and Mani's for kids I totally understand. Anytime my sister or I are painting our nails, we get my nephew and niece positioning themselves to get theirs painted too. The ladies at my nephews daycare (he's 4) always get a laugh when his shoes and socks come off and they see his painted toenails.


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