Monday, January 29, 2007

HEB Plus... Part I

Here's another of my series of things that are being built. This is the new HEB Plus.. well the bones of it. I'll hopefully bring an interesting series out of this.

Here's a little background on H-E-B. This is from a press release that it located at the end of the page that the photo here links to if you click it.

The Kyle HEB
store is expected to open in Summer 2007. For 100 years, HEB has been an innovative retailer. Known for its fresh food, quality products and convenient services, HEB strives to provide the best customer experience at the lowest prices. Based in San Antonio, HEB proudly employs over 60,000 Partners and serves millions of customers in more than 150 communities throughout Texas and Mexico.


Mandi said...

Interesting photos. I like the one of you giving your daughter a pedicure! Yes, little girls really do have their dad's wrapped around their baby fingers!! ;-) I know my 2 year old daughter does.
Tel Aviv Daily Photo

Shorty said...

I wish we had gotten an HEB Plus. We just got a regular HEB, but at least it has a pharmacy and I do find myself picking up quite a few of their books.

leahgalvan said...

I am so so excited about the HEB coming to Kyle! I can hardly wait! The traffic it will bring to our sweet little community I CAN do without! But it's the price we pay!


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