Saturday, November 11, 2006

Pawn one for me


Here's a shot of the city's Pawn shop. I've never actually been in there..but they are having a permanent Clearance Sale. Maybe I'll happen in there some day.

I've noticed that EVERY pawn shop I drive by has lawn mowers and bikes in front of the store.... I guess when you're in need of money the lawn and two-wheelers are the first to go.

Happy Saturday!


dutchie said...

And they make some space in the garage/shed

Kate said...

Never visited a pawn shop except in NM, which saddened me because of the beautiful objects that many Native Americans left. I guess I've therefore always assumed that pawn shops operate and take advantage of other people's misery. Perhaps wrong, but it put me off. Tempting, but I didn't buy a thing in that Gallup, NM shop. And those squash blossom necklaces were fantastic.

Eric said...

Wonder if one can leave their old pc there too? There must be a lot of upgrades that go on and someone might need on...otherwise they end up in the poubelle.

Kate said...

Sean, Had to laugh at your comment yesterday about F.Scott. Visit today's and see if you have the same impression :>)


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