Wednesday, November 08, 2006

What Day Is It Again?


When I checked my calendar it's early November...but the City of Kyle put up their Christmas decorations already. I noticed that businesses are doing this earlier and earlier as the years go by. Soon... Halloween will be gobbled up by Christmas too... I'd rather celebrate one holiday at a time... Thanksgiving anyone?

This photo is of the tree in the middle of the square that houses Old City Hall. It's a beautiful tree... I'm sure all of the decorations will be beautiful when they are up (they always are) but I still think it's a little early.

Happy Wednesday!


Kate said...

Silly, isn't it? There's no law against it, but a Christmas tree without snow seems to lack something! Yes, you're right; it's a lovely specimen.

John said...

At least wait until the 1st of December!


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