Thursday, November 02, 2006

Scarecrows ROCK...

In order to celebrate fall... I'm going to post a scarecrow a day for the next few days.... These scarecrows were made last weekend as part of the Wildflower Seed and Stomp by residents of my neighborhood. They are all pretty awesome.

I'll post three of them everyday (there are nine in all) as to not draw this out... but I thought they all should be seen. Such great work!
Unfortunately some vandals in the area destroyed a few of they are no longer on display in the field. They looked great when they were all together though.

So... here's what they looked like the day they were born.

Category 1:
The Funny Ones...

This beachball headed pretty was created by a family of four... I think the two boys had a great time.. and the mother and father were having a "ball" making the head work.

I called this one Dolly Parton as a Mexican Wrestler.... This was the first victim of violence... the mask and hair were "lifted" about 24 hours after this shot was taken.

My family made this one... the funny thing is.. I really need a new broom, but I'd rather put a face on one and turn it into a scarecrow than sweep. Yes.. those are my clothes... dig the gold Hawaiian shirt? On Halloween we had it up in our front yard and a trick-or-treater said "your brother looks cold" as he walked off... funny kid....real funny!


Matthieu said...


Annie said...

I feel like a kid looking at these fantastic creatures. All I can think of to say about them is "cool, way cool".

I'm so glad you shared these today. They do fit with the season and they make me happy to see.

Eric said...

Excellent! I don't know if they scare croaws but they make me smile!


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