Thursday, September 07, 2006

Texas Lottery!

Game Warden

From the Texas Game some Texas Games... THE LOTTERY! I had to stop playing because I'm not good at chance games. I mean.. really not good. I'm good at getting free stuff and competing at things, but chance games are like throwing money down a drain for me.

I remember when the Texas Lottery was established in the early 1990s... there were stories of folks spending their entire paychecks on $1 scratch off games. Craziness. I used to buy a Lotto ticket (the match 6 numbers one) every time I filled up the truck, but when the pumps went to "pay at the pump" I stopped going into that stopped.

Some Texas Lotto History...
- May 29, 2002: Governor Ann Richards bought the first Texas Lottery scratch-off ticket.
- November 14, 2002: The first Lotto Texas Drawing was held.
- June 19, 2004: The biggest jackpot in Texas Lotto history is claimed by one ticket in El Paso worth an estimated $145 million.

Oh... and just in case you're wondering... the next drawing is Saturday, September 9 and it's for 6 million.
Good luck.

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