Monday, September 18, 2006



I had a hard time taking a photo of this worn-down shack because of all of the powerlines getting in the way. Usually when I take a photo of a place like this I like to make sure there's nothing that suggests "new" in the it's kind of timeless.

Well... I thought since the power-lines were in the way..and they were probably the most "in-your-face" powerlines I'd ever seen.. that I'd go ahead and take the photo featuring them with the shack in the background.

It's actually raining in Kyle right now.. so I didn't get out and shoot today. This is from a week or so ago. If you look at my older shots, there's a shot of this shack and the graffiti on it. This is another angle.

Happy Monday!


Lisi said...

Hi Sean, nice blue sky and the reddish rooftop...have a good week too

Shadrach said...

Nice shot, I love the powerlines and the old vs. new contrast. Thanks for posting it!

John said...

Lovely composition Kyle, well done.

zannnie said...

Wow.....really nice photo you've got here:D


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