Wednesday, April 13, 2011

 As I stated last week, there was a Kyle Chamber Ambassador's B.A.S.H.

"Ambassador's B.A.S.H. stands for Business Advancement Social Hour and is a FREE Networking opportunity for all members of the Business Community!  Everyone is invited to join us.  Just bring plenty of your marketing materials and your smile and get ready to network!"

The April BASH was held at Thunderhill Raceway last Thursday. There was a big tent, raffle, people racing on the track... and some folks in attendance were chosen to race the NasCARTS (which I've pictured below). The meal was catered (burger sliders, fries, onion rings) by the new restaurant in town... located at the track... called Bailey's Burgers. It was delicious.

Seemed like the perfect place for the father-daughter team of SeanMar to take photos. So, 6-year old (for another 9 days anyways) Marlee and I headed out there with camera in hand. Today I'll post some of my shots, tomorrow I'll post Marlee's

These are some of the shots I was able to capture:

The tent where the B.A.S.H. was held


Checking out the track and networking

I'm not sure if this is a "Funny Car"... but it sure is funny looking.

People can sign up to drive the NasCARTS. Neat

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