Saturday, December 08, 2007

The John Wheeler Bunton Bell Wall Memorial


(On the plaque)
Born in Summer County , Tenn., John Wheeler Bunton migrated to Texas in 1833. To secure freedom for his new homeland, he signed the Texas Declaration of Independence, helped draft a constitution, and fought in the siege of Bexar and the Battle of San Jacinto. a lawyer, rancher, and owner of extensive lands. Bunton served in the 1st and 3rd Congresses of the Republic of Texas. He lived in Austin and Bastrop Counties before settling in Hays County near Mountain City. Originally buried in this county, Bunton was reinterred in the State Cemetery in Austin in 1932.

While researching this (because I didn't want to actually have to type the words on the plaque) I found this other collection of Hays County photos on Flickr - from a person named ednurseathkh Seems this person has been traveling Texas and shooting historical markers. Neat.

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