Friday, November 09, 2007

Not too good photo... really good restaurant

This is Los Vega Restaurante in Kyle. My favorite mexican restaurant in town. Actually... it's probably my favorite restaurant in town period. It's a fun, laid back, family owned restaurant that serves up some excellent food. We're not talking the "straight-from-the-freezer" variety. I've had their fajitas and loved them. My wife has had a few iterations of their enchiladas (the enchiladas verdes are excellent!) and enjoyed them as well.

Here's an added bonus... They've got a drive thru so you don't even have to get out of your car! I have been known to run to HEB to get something really quick...and stopping in at Los Vega, placing my order, running my errand and coming back to get my order to take home.

It's located in a kind-of odd spot... right off the Kyle Exit of I-35... if you blink you may miss it. It's pretty quick on your right when you get off the highway.

Los Vega Restaurante
721 N Old Highway 81
Kyle, TX 78640-9451
Phone: (512) 268-8570

Happy Friday
- Sean


Neva said...

This sounds like my kind of restaurant! made me hungry reading! Too bad it is not close to me!

Clif said...

Awesome blog...the wife and I have lived here just over a year now and love it...too bad I still work in Austin...haha!


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