Thursday, November 29, 2007

He came... he saw... WE HAD A BLAST!

Starting at 4:30p.m. yesterday, folks formed a line to meet Santa Claus.

Of course.. the couple of the hour (or evening as the case may be): Santa and Mrs. Claus!

He saw hundreds of kiddos and it looked like a lot of money was raised for Operation Blue Santa (

I'll share some other shots in the next week. It was a blast.


Dan said...

Looks like great fun! When my two oldest daughters were about 3 and 5 I dressed up and played Santa at a community event. They "sort of" recognized me behind the beard and padding but not quite. To this day they ask if it was me, but I will never tell.

Rambling Round said...

Oh, this is a big, big event for the little ones!

oldmanlincoln said...

Nice photography.

My going green slogan...
pee twice flush once.


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