Sunday, November 11, 2007

I wonder if they do men's hair inexpensively... I'm due for a haircut and my barber in San Marcos (about 5 miles south of Kyle) is starting to not be in my time budget. It's gonna hurt when I have to find another hair cutting establishment... Sam at Silva's Barber shop in San Marcos has been cutting my hair since 2001. I even wrote a humor column about him in 2004 - You can read it here which ran in an Austin publication...and it ran in Kyle's Free Press this year.

Anyhow... I don't know if Diana's is a good place for a haircut or not... I hope it is. I can only vouch for how good the restaurants were that used to be in that building. So... if it's any indication... it'll be good.

Happy Sunday.


Anonymous said...

There was a time when I solved the hair cut thing. I bought a set of burr electric haircutting shears. You just run it over your head and nothing remains.

This old man's post brought tears on this Veteran's Day but not because I am a Korean War era veteran.
The Squirrel's Nest

lv2scpbk said...

There is a lady in our development that cuts hair from her house too. I don't go to her because I've been going to the same lady I trust about 3 miles away for a few years now.

Mike said...

Mine is £10. That's quite cheap for round here.

Lynette said...

OK, so I see what you mean about your time budget. However, you're going to have to really be careful and work diligently in your efforts to find somewhere to get your hair cut closer and/or quicker. Which time are you trying to save?


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