Monday, May 07, 2007

You've been served!

This is Full Service. A great group of dudes... and a really darned good band.
I'd highly recommend clicking the photo and checking out their page.

They were cool enough to come down to Kyle and play Plum Creek Music Fest!


RamblingRound said...

Today must be the "Battle of the Bands." I featured a bluegrass group called the Kudzu String Band.

BONESAW said...


cool photo and nice words man. . . this is really great! we're in philly now on tour, heading to boston tomorrow. the White Whale is going strong and the band is kickin ass! we'll be back in TX on KLBJ on the 29th at 11pm, then the Cantina on June 2. but check it, we'll come jam with you in Kyle ANYTIME! we had a great time....



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