Friday, May 25, 2007

Road Crew

There's a sign as you come over the railroad tracks heading into downtown Kyle that reads "Pardon Our Progress." I haven't paid attention to what this particular construction is... it kind of looks like they are actually narrowing the street. My best guess is they're putting a planting strip between the north and south lanes on this block... although it's not a main road. It is the street that runs along side City Hall (left) and the Chamber/Visitors Bureau (right). The building behind the City Hall is currently a Wells Fargo bank... but it will soon close as a Wells Fargo will open by the new HEB Plus! that will open in two weeks. Not sure what will happen to it. It's a beautiful building.

Happy Friday

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Anonymous said...

Amazing what cities do. I suspect they are trying to beautify the downtown to keep stores there. It didn't work here. The downtown is now officially dead. Our city fathers spent a ton of money on redoing out streets and lost all the businesses in the process.

I hope you get to see the last photos in the robin series.

Have a nice weekend.


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