Saturday, May 19, 2007


Just to remind you... we are living in Kyle, Texas. Trains are just something to live with. If you survive a week without getting caught by a train, you've been home sick for those days. So...I hope you feel better.

Happy Saturday.


Anonymous said...

These remind me of "coal" cars that used to run on the old Dayton and Union Railroad in front of the house where I was born. During WWII they were sometimes loaded with jeeps and tanks and trucks. But the train often stopped and dropped off one coal car. Filled with coal for the cookstoves in town or lump coal for the living room stoves.

Bobby and his brother Gale Harleman used to unload the cars for Buck Eickelbarger who owned the coal yard, for $20.00. Ten dollars each. Hard work, mostly on your knees on the tracks, scraping the coal that falls out of the chutes onto the tracks on the siding. Then his brother would scoop what he scraped out and throw it, one scoop shovel full at a time, onto a coal pile.

They got drafted and went off to war and somebody else unloaded the coal cars. Those were hard times and your excellent photograph brought back those memories.

Abraham Lincoln

RamblingRound said...

I've read where trains are making a "comeback" since they are so economical.

SeanclaesDOTcom said...

Thanks for sharing that story Abraham. It's always been said that a picture is worth 1,000 words... but nobody ever said each person paints thier own 1,000 words and ever story is different.

Happy Sunday!


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