Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Rest In Peace Helen Louise Soja.


While driving home last night I received a call that my Grandma Soja passed away. She had been ill for a bit of time... so her passing was, while unexpected, probably the best thing for her.

But I post this photo of her last trip to Texas (she is from Ohio). In August of 2002 she came down and we took her all over the place. We took her on the Austin Duck Tour... Gruene Hall.... Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center...and around Kyle. She fell in love with this flower.. the crepe myrtle.

Crape-myrtle (Lagerstroemia; also Crepe myrtle) is a genus of about 50 species of deciduous and evergreen trees or large shrubs native to eastern Asia and Australia.

This photo was taken in August 2002 at Kyle's Square. She thought me silly for wanting her to get out and take a photo of her with the flower... but she had made the comment about 20 times how beautiful the flower was.

Memories of my Grandma are many... here are a few that float to the top of my mind:

- Growing up and visiting her at the cottage in Michigan where we would go swimming in Coldwater Lake and drink from shiny purple and green aluminum cups...and visitng Coldwater Lake in 2003 with her (with my wife) and reconnecting with old memories and friends.

- Visiting her at her home in Ohio where we'd talk about the world while she meticiously cleaned up after making her "Egg Beaters" eggs and eating at the Orchard Tree for dinner... her favorite restaurant,

- Taking her to have her cheese enchiladas in Laredo where my parents live,

- Going on the Duck Tour, playing solitare, and getting to know her as a person other than a Grandma that summer of 2002.

- Introducing her to my daughter who will hopefully remember the greatness that is her Great Grandma Soja.

I know this is a photo blog... but it's said that a picture is worth a thousand words.... and I'm a writer so I can write that thousand words to lend to the photo.

I'll miss you Grandma Soja.


Lisi said...

Sean, sorry to hear about your loss...

SeanclaesDOTcom said...

Thank you. She was an amazing women. I'm just glad I got to know her and she got to know me as an adult. I respected her very much. She outlived two husbands and 1/2 her siblings.


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