Thursday, May 23, 2013

ROCK THE PORCH - Community Art Project

Rock The Porch example at Front Porch Days

Rock The Porch is an art-installation that will occur in the Plum Creek Neighborhood of Kyle, Texas. They will have several rocking chairs that will be decorated/designed by area artists. When complete they will be placed all over the neighborhood.

From their Website:
What's Rock the Porch?
Similar to the Cow Parade of Chicago and Guitar Town up in Austin, Rock the Porch is a public art initiative from Plum Creek that will manifest in the creation of 15 artistic rocking chairs by 15 local artists, groups and individuals. The unique art pieces will be placed in the public spaces of the neighborhood and within the greater Kyle community by the end of summer 2013.

I was chosen to be a participant. I plan to use my photos and decoupage the chair with images of Kyle and the Plum Creek neighborhood. :) Hope it comes out as amazing as it does in my head. 

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