Thursday, February 10, 2011

Shed/House/Empty Room?

This has always been one of my favorite "old Kyle" buildings. I have no idea what it is... if people have ever lived there, if it's a storage building, if it's for sale... but I've always wanted to get a good photo of it, and never have been able to since it's on a busy Burleson Road. Well... last Friday is was ice all around, so there were no cars on the road. I was able to stop, focus, and snap a few shots.

This dosen't even look like Kyle, Texas to me... but I assure you... it is.

Me "sledding"

Since I missed yesterday, I'll give you a bonus shot. This is me "sledding" down a ditch near my house. I'm sliding on a Bilibo. It's a toy that has no instructions... so it's whatever you want it to be..
My sister gave one to both girls... and I have got to say... they make good sleds.

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