Monday, February 14, 2011

PRAY BALL WINTER 2011 Team Photo
It's Valentine's Day.. so I thought I'd show you love.
These people (and a couple more who couldn't make last Friday's game) are fantastic. They are the current members of the Kyle United Methodist Church adult kickball team, PRAY BALL.
I am their coach (I'm the one kneeling in jeans FYI).We play in the Kyle Parks and Recreation League.

You will not find 14 more loving and caring people in the world like these folks here. They choose to spend their Friday nights representing the church by playing a kids game. Now, that seems like something that is simple and easy... but the character they display, the prayers that they say, and the way that they play is amazing.

PRAY BALL may not be the most talented group of players, but they do have the biggest heart and love for others... and our Lord. That is to be said for all former members of PRAY BALL as well (as we change out about 1/2 our team each season).

"LOVE"  isn't always the Hallmark definition.. and it most definitely doesn't fit on a candy heart. LOVE comes from the heart... not on one.

So.. Happy Valentine's Day everyone...

If you'd like to come out and see PRAY BALL in action (as well as all of the 10 other awesome co-ed kickball teams) come on out to Gregg-Clarke Park in Kyle, Texas this Saturday (2/19/11) starting at 9:00a. I think PRAY BALL will have our first game at 9:50a. We do accept donations of coffee... well at least I do as coach. :)

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