Monday, October 18, 2010

On Saturday Kyle, Texas became home to 663 new orange residents. The KYLE PUMPKIN PATCH at the Kyle United Methodist Church has arrived. Below is a photo of most of the volunteers who pitched in to unload the pumpkins. As of today, the pumpkins are arranged in a maze for the kiddos to run around in... and there's 2 staged areas for pumpkin patch photos.

If you'd like to visit the patch, come on my 408 W. Lockhart Street during operating hours (which are noted on the flier I posted at the end of this blog).

We've got ugly ones, green ones, perfect ones, bumpy ones, tall ones, small ones, short ones, and HUGE ones. Prices are from $1 (tiny ones I call "grenades") to $30 (you need two people to carry these). We've also got gourds, stickers, and various other things.

The Volunteers who helped unload 663 Pumpkins

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