Thursday, October 07, 2010

If you visit the bathroom inside the Motley Menagerie (602 West Center Street) in Kyle you'll be greeted by this pink-haired beauty. I went on a Friday with the kiddos for dessert (I had an AMAZING bread pudding and the kids shared a mountain of chocolate cake) and was also treated to some great Americana/Bluegrass music. More about that in another photo... instead I'll share this story.

My 3 year old had to use the restroom and she went in there... sat down and about a minute later was calling for me. When I went in there.. she said "I can't go potty.... that lady is freaking me out." So I stood in front of her so she didn't have to be watched by the martini-in-the-tub gal.

Good times.

For more on the Motley Menagerie Tea Room, visit - Their Website.

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