Monday, May 24, 2010

So... last Saturday was the Kyle United Methodist Church garage sale.
Some of the members had a little fun and made a bet.

I picked the most interestingly ugly item in the garage sale (not pictured but it was "stone" urn) and about 11 of us bet on what time it would sell.

The person who guessed closest to the time it'd sell (it sold at 8:02a.. I'd guessed 7:15a) won.

The reward for winning was... the winner got to pick 1 item each from the leftover items at the end of the garage sale to give to each person who was part of the bet. The recipient must then PROMINENTLY display said item in their home for not less than 1 month.

Here's 5 photos of people who didn't win and the things they must now have displayed in their home.
Yes.. that's me with the dragon hand-toy.

Good times.

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