Friday, April 30, 2010

OOPS.. I've failed to post for a few days. It's been hectic. Sorry.

Here's a few shots my daughter (age 6) and I got on Tuesday. She got a camera for her birthday so we went Wildflower hunting.

This is one Marlee got at the field in the Plum Creek Neighborhood next to Fergus Park/Lake/Golf Course on Fairway. She's learning.. it's sweet.

Here's my photo of Marlee taking that photo.

I caught a dragonfly in mid-air in the bluebonnets at the Kyle Cemetery.

Marlee caught these two butterflies playing in the flowers.

We also took photos of gravestones while we were out there... I'll post those tomorrow.

1 comment:

Steffe said...

She's a natural photographer! That top photo is great.


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