Friday, October 16, 2009

Since I missed a few days... I'm going to give you ALL the rest of the scarecrows.

Texas State - San Marcos Fan
Texas State - San Marcos Fan

Gripp's Creepy Crawlies!
Gripp's Creepy Crawlies!

Navigator! (The school mascot of Negley Elementary is the Navigator. So.. this is fitting.)

Flat Stanley
(From Mrs. Stapp's 3rd Grade)
Flat Stanley

This is "Humble" from Charlotte's Web
(From Mrs. Conner's 2nd Grade)
This is "Humble" from Charlotte's Web

(An entry from the Fritts Family.)
Meet Sammy.

Homework Horror!
(From Mrs. King's 3rd Grade)

I'll call him Ruben.
We'll call him Ruben.

AN ode to the unfinished:
(This one was being built as I had to leave... I'll try and take a picture of the final scarecrow and put it up later.)

That's pretty much it for the Kyle Scarecrows in Plum Creek at Negley Elementary. Hope you enjoyed. You can go by the school and see them for yourself...if you're in town.

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