Sunday, August 09, 2009

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On Friday night, I'm a part of a co-ed kickball team called PRAY BALL. We're all members of the Kyle United Methodist Church.
This was the scene after the game. I'm posing with a ball on my head... the ball that I popped by kicking it onto the fence (foul ball). Jenni J. is in front of me...she did the splits as she ran to second base...and was safe. in the front is Andrea...she didn't want to be out so she dove for first base. She was out... but it was AWESOME.

So... it was a really really fun game. Our team lost 1-0 but it was a great time.
We play again on Friday @ 7:30. For team schedules and game time... check the link:

This photo was taken by Pastor Barbara Aziz. Click the photo to go to all the photos from Friday's game.

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Leif Hagen said...

Dude - I didn't recognize you without you PINK pants! Ha! Looks like a fun time!


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