Monday, August 10, 2009

Another closed shop.
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This is located about a block left of downtown, just over the tracks.

This has been about 4 things in the last 5 years. a couple of coffee shops, a pandarea, a gift shop... I just found out that it will be the new location of the Lucky Cup Coffeehouse.

Lucky Cup used to be located in the front of the Plum Creek neighborhood. It disappeared about a month ago. I really liked it there... they threw free concerts and we had a lot of good memories.

Hopefully that vibe will be retained in the new location. Not sure when it will open... but as I understand it, it will be here.

Check their Website to see when they will open:

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hobbledog said...

Oh, that's so exciting! Kyle needs so many more live music venues. Don't you think?


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