Wednesday, April 11, 2007

I owe You 3 Days
I have an excuse... My wife and I are having our second child next Wednesday (4/18) and we're making all the preparations.... that and I'm going gangbusters on 2 big projects, a Compilation CD titled "This is INsite Austin Music" that will be released on 4/21 ( and a music festival I created that will take place in Kyle on 4/29 (

So... I've been bad about daily photo. SOrry.
Here's a few...this will be my Easter post. Hope you all had a fantastic Easter. Hey... is this holiday celebrated everywhere or just the US?

How did you celebrate Easter?

Saturday - The Easter Egg Hunt NOT called on account of rain.
Picture about 4,000 easter eggs (plastic and filled with candy) strewn across a park... and because of cold weather and drizzle... only about 25 kids to gather them. Yes... it was easy to be picky this year.

Easter Dress
My daughter in her Easter dress just before church on Sunday. Yes.. the sun had risen.. we didn't make the sunrise service. We made the 11:00a.m. one.

A View From A Pew
We had a wonderful musical service at Kyle United Methodist Church. You should come by when you're in the area.

No bees... just bonnets
Aren't the little ones dressed up for Easter just so precious? How do they keep those bonnets on though?

OK... I owed you 3 days... so I have 4 photos here. I like to make up with more than anticipated.
I hope you and yours had a wonderful holiday... no matter what you believe.

Happy Wednesday.


Anonymous said...

These are beautiful photographs. You have all the rights to be proud. Don't worry about the lack of photos a couple of days.

Denton said...

The Easter dresses are very cute. Best wishes on the arrival of your second child.


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