Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Center Grocery

I wonder how long this place will survive once the new HEB Plus (big box store supermarket for those who don't know) opens in June of this year?

I mean... the prices are one thing, but the 5 times I've gone in there... I've been ignored completely 4 of them and the time I wasn't ignored they weren't helpful at all.

I know I should be supporting local business... but sometimes it's just hard.
I like to support GOOD business... like next door to this grocery is a damn good restaurant called Bordeaux.

And.. by all means please walk into Center Grocery and prove me wrong... I hope you do... but I doubt you will.


Anonymous said...

In a way it's good to know I am not the only one who was NOT impressed with that store. I refuse to go in there anymore. Kyle is such a great little town and I wish we had a good 'ol mom and pop mini-market we could go to when we just need a few things.

Anonymous said...

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