Thursday, December 21, 2006

Only FOUR Days until Christmas!

I figure now is the time to dedicate the photo blog to Christmas decor... so I'll do that. This house has a big sign that says "Merry TEXmas Y'all." I thought that was a pretty unique way to look at it.

Four more days!!! Woo-Hoo!
Have you sent your cards and gifts yet?


Josy said...

Christmas cards? I think they're around somewhere. We're still debating exactly what form our potentially nonexistant Christmas letter will take.

As long as we get 'em out before February, we're happy. :)

SeanclaesDOTcom said...

If it wasn't for my wife... I'd be in the same boat. We decided to forgo the "form letter" but we did get a great one from someone (a distant relative) that said they've been thinking about us a lot over the last year. That's a neat thing to say in a computer printed FORM LETTER written to "Friends and Family."


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