Friday, December 12, 2014

Negley Elementary 2nd Annual Expo - TEAM AWESOME

(L-R) Sharpy, Hammerpants, B-Mar, G-Money and Delirian
Back Row... Urkel

This is Team Awesome... it's a group of 5th graders whom I was responsible for taking around the school during Negley Elementary's 2nd Annual Expo. I'm really bad at names so I gave everyone nicknames. :)

There was volunteers from a lot of departments, businesses and community-types.... including:

Texas Dept. Motor Vehicle-
Austin Police Dept.-
Cross Plants and Produce-
Breadcrumbs ID Service
Hays Emerg. Preparedness
Plum Creek Watershed
Hays County Extension Office/ AgriLife
Liittle America Miniatures
Colin's Hope
Kyle Fire Dept.
Kyle Police Dept
Texas Parks and Wildlife
Hays County Sheriff, SWAT, Animal Control
Southwest Dairy Farmers
Power Alley Baseball
Chick fil A
Brown/Blue Santa Drop off

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