Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Oops... I've not posted in a few.
Well.. let me wrap up the Kickball Tournament in a few photos. I've got an album on Flickr with all the shots I took... if you'd like to see:

First, my team, PRAY BALL, ended up in 10th place (out of 10 teams)... but they don't assign actual places on the trophies until 3rd... so I'm saying we got 4th.

Here's me and our *ahem* 4th place trophy.

We may have come in 10th... But they don't assign places until 3rd... So I say we got 4th.

This one is Issac from Hardcore Stompers kicking a beautiful punt down the 1st base line that netted him a single and an RBI.
Hardcore Stompers vs Rubber Busters. Kick was a single w/ RBI

Here's the Party Ballers vs. Shut Em Up. I believe the Party Ballers ended up in 5th place for the tournament and Shut Em Up won it for the "Red" division.
Got Balls vs Shut Em Up. Top bracket.

For the ladies... I got to watch the finals...
Here's Team Dirty kicking against Kiss My Swag. They had to play 2 final games... as it's a double elimination tourney... and Team Dirty took the first game, but in the end Kiss My Swag won... and AMAZING couple of games.
Ok... NOW it's TEAM DIRTY vs KISS MY SWAG. finals. Last game was vs Drunk Again.

And it's all for bragging rights... and one of these:
I'd like one of the big ones.

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