Friday, June 03, 2011

Hula-ves You Baby?
Ray Hernandez / David Salazar
Ray Hernandez and David Salazar BASHing it up.
Last night was the monthly Kyle Chamber Ambassador's B.A.S.H. (Business Advancement Social Hour). This month's theme was "Luau."

In this shot, Chamber director Ray Hernandez is shaking the grass skirt with the all around awesome David Salazar (who, besides being awesome, is a former city council member).

Great times.... My daughters and I attended and took photos. Follow this link to see the others - Sean's Flickr Account.

Every month BASH is hosted in a different place. This month it was hosted by Legend Oaks Healthcare & Rehabilitation, which is located in my neighborhood of Plum Creek in Kyle. Wonderful place. I know a few people who are residents (and met a few last night). It really looks like the people who work there, on a whole, are very attentive and friendly to the residents. I know.... that should be a given, but those who have looked into assisted living/nursing homes.... know this isn't the case a lot of the times.

 Legend Oaks Healthcare & Rehabilitation

1640 Fairway
Kyle, TX 78640

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